Factors That Make Children’s Feelings Of Trauma Can Increase  

Dealing with children who have experienced trauma, should not be done by careless people. Because it should be done by people who are professionals in this field. One of them you can find and do trauma treatment at https://www.ayahuascahealings.com/. That way, the child will be able to handle it well. You don’t need to worry that traditional medicine is harmless, but it will most likely make your child healthy and can relieve your child’s trauma. The use of ayahuasca medicine will be able to heal the wounds in the child due to past events that the child cannot forget and the use of ayahuasca is believed by some to have quite an effective effect on making children recover from trauma. Of course by doing the method of therapy. Here, to make you understand trauma, we will provide several factors that can increase a child’s sense of trauma.

The first is in terms of age. Whatever the type of trauma experienced and occurred at any age the trauma. You need to understand that children who are still under about 8 years old, will be more vulnerable to trauma. The second factor is in terms of the level of trauma itself. In this case, as we have explained above that not everyone experiences trauma with the same cause. Because you may sometimes see a child who can get up and forget the trauma, usually the child has a trauma level that is not severe enough. So healing from the trauma can be done by yourself. The third is from the duration of the trauma.

In this case, it depends more on the level of trauma experienced by the child. If the trauma experienced by the child is angry enough, then this can last until the child is an adult. This is why parents are asked to understand their children better

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