Functions of Wholesale

Wholesale sales have penetrated widely in the world of eCommerce which is commonly referred to as eCommerce wholesale. Then, what are the activities and functions of wholesale? click

Wholesaler activities have several important functions, and one of them is a chain of distribution of goods from producers to consumers. Here are six other functions of wholesale activities

1. As a Collector and Store of Product Inventory
Wholesalers usually buy various types of goods from several manufacturers. They usually have a large enough stock warehouse. The goal is to ensure goods are always available to retailers.

2. As a Product Splitter and Sorter
After buying various types of goods from several manufacturers, wholesalers will usually break and sort them according to size, shape, quality, etc. In fact, some do the packaging and provide their own brand.

3. As Market Analyst
They look for various market information, ranging from consumer habits, trends in demand for goods, price developments, new products, and others. They often even go directly to conduct market surveys by comparing prices, quality, and purchasing power, to competitors. Based on the insights obtained, they can determine what products they should buy in large quantities.

4. As a Price Stabilizer
Wholesalers can play a role in helping price stability by ensuring supply is available on demand. In fact, they also help producers reduce risks that may occur in the process of distributing goods, such as changes in demand or damage to goods.

5. As a Capital Provider
Wholesalers can even provide capital assistance to manufacturers and retailers. How wholesalers buy goods to producers in large quantities on a regular basis. Meanwhile, wholesalers allow retailers to make payments in installments.

6. As Support for Goods Distribution
With wholesalers, manufacturers can reach a wider range of consumers. Wholesalers can even be willing to provide transportation services to deliver goods to reach more retailers or directly meet consumers.