Understanding The Types And Tips For Choosing A Baby Monitor

At least there are various variants of baby monitors, namely baby sound monitors, baby video monitors, baby motion monitors, prenatal sound monitors, and others. We can search for the best Wi-Fi baby monitor in 2022 on a search engine in the browser and choose one for us to install at home. How to choose what we need for baby monitor among so many choices? First, of course, we need to know where the differences between each type are.

Various electronics companies such as Samsung, Motorola, Philips, Sony, and Graco make a baby monitor products. Before deciding to buy one of these devices, you should know that there are generally three different types of baby monitors:

1. One of the most popular types is the audio-only type. This monitor consists of two components. One of the components is the transmitter. This device is a device that you carry, which can be used as a hearing aid when the baby is making noise, crying, or playing loudly.

2. The type that monitors sound and movement. This baby monitor is the same as above, but the addition is a device that is placed under the baby’s mattress.

3. Complete monitor type, audio, and video. This type is a baby monitor with the most complete features. This type can also be connected to your smartphone.

Tips for Choosing a Baby Monitor
Most people choose to buy a baby monitor sound type. Because the price is relatively cheap. But you can also buy one of the more complete types of baby monitors with features and functions.

1. Features and technology
Most baby monitors have almost the same features. Generally it has camera, audio, and night vision. Some product also equipped with alarm

2. Monitoring via app
Apart from having a built-in monitor, most baby monitors can already be accessed via an application on a smartphone (Android and iOS). To be more practical, you should activate the application so that you can always keep an eye on your baby when you are active at home or when you are out of the house.

3. Secure password
Baby monitor access requires a password or password. To be more secure, use a password that is complex and difficult to guess. Change passwords frequently to avoid possible hacking by unauthorized parties!

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